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Clear the roadblocks slowing large-scale success and preventing real collaboration so your people can work better together.

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Everyone Can Adopt a Strategic Mindset

The strategic consulting business is booming precisely because businesses want agility, flexibility, and follow-through. But many of these firms charge again and again for what essentially the same service: suggesting what you should do.

With Sage Beacon, you are getting in-depth intelligence about your most important asset: your people. We work with you, on the ground of your operations, to help remove obstacles blocking your success. And we make the entire process transparent.

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How Does Sage Beacon Empower My Organization?

Our combination of SaaS technology, AI algorithms, and experienced team members work with you, your stakeholders, and your organization to achieve the following goals:


Respond to stakeholders needs today, not tomorrow.


Keep your fingers on the pulse of your stakeholders no matter how large you grow.


Mitigate obstacles to achieving internal goals before they become a problem.

Throw away the silos. Engage stakeholders. Grow with the speed of your success.

The Sage Beacon Platform

Transparency and agility are our bread and butter. With the Sage Beacon SaaS platform, you get a birds-eye view of your people with data insights you can use to remove talent silos, re-align strategic objectives, and bring together distributed workforces.

Out AI analyzes responses from your stakeholders and gives you the kind of insights you need to transform your organization.

Remote Work and Transformation

The entire business world has been in upheaval for months. Now, organizations are ready to reposition themselves for growth and longevity. Sage Beacon accelerates that process by giving organizational leaders the information they need to align their goals with the challenges of their stakeholders every single day.

How Does Sage Beacon Work?

The process is simple:

We gather existing organizational data while collecting new information from your stakeholders from interviews and surveys.

We then combine that data anonymously and process it through our AI-powered analytics platform, Sage Beacon, to build insights about the challenges and needs of your people.

Finally, we push real-time data to your customized dashboard so that you can make informed decisions on a day-to-day basis.